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Welcome to Southwest Surgical Associates

Michael T. Wood, MD, FACS
Managing Partner

Improving the quality of life of our community by offering the highest-level surgical care in Texas

On behalf of the 20 physicians of Southwest Surgical Associates, I want to welcome you to our practice! Providing better health through surgical excellence is the foundation of Southwest Surgical Associates. For over 25 years, we have provided the advanced, compassionate surgical care that has helped thousands in the Houston and surrounding area live longer, healthier, happier lives. Our experience includes a variety of surgical methods such as minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that let us screen, diagnose and treat many health disorders with smaller incisions for a faster, less painful recovery.  Again, we thank you for the opportunity to participate in your care.

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We Value Your Family's
Health and Your Time

If you’ve ever felt that medical care has become too much about business and not enough about you, you’ve probably never visited Southwest Surgical Associates. Here, you’ll be surrounded by compassion and attentiveness from the moment you enter. At Southwest Surgical you will experience warm, caring smiles at the front desk and nurses who call you by name and treat you like family. Moments like these will make you realize that old-fashioned, personalized medical care isn’t gone; it’s right here… along with today’s state-of-the-art treatment methods.



      The physicians of Southwest Surgical Associates are all board-certified general surgeons, uniquely trained to provide specialized care for a wide-range of health concerns.



      Our surgeons are experienced in treating an array of diseases including those of the breast, the group offers their patients specialized services focusing specifically on breast disease.



      Dedicated to the innovative care of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. Our surgeons detect and address colorectal cancers, inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticular disease and pelvic floor disorders.

Our mission at Southwest Surgical Associates is to improve the quality of life of our community by offering the highest-level surgical care in Texas.  We recognize that every patient has a unique situation for which we provide exceptional care and treatment that is as individualized as they are.

  • At Southwest Surgical you will experience warm, caring smiles at the front desk and nurses
  •  We believe that the best surgical care is obtained through the relationship and collaboration of patients, staff, and physicians.

Meet the Team

Accepted Insurance

Below is a summary listing of the plans with which one or all of the physicians of Southwest Surgical Associates participate. Although SWSA makes every effort to be in-network as a group with the majority of the insurance plans, not all SWSA physicians are in-network at this time. This list is neither all-inclusive nor does it guarantee that all SWSA physicians are in-network. It is the responsibility of the patient to inquire about the participation of each physician prior to their visit to avoid excessive out-of-network responsibility imposed by the insurance carrier.


Post Op Instructions

The most common post-operative issues are discussed in the instructions below. If you do not see post-operative instructions for your surgical procedure or if you have questions that are not addressed in the post-operative instructions, please contact our office.


Financial Forms

Making financial arrangements for your medical care can be daunting for those without insurance coverage. The business office personnel at Southwest Surgical Associates can assist you with making a payment plan or other financial arrangements. Below are some of the applications for financial resources available to patients in our area. Southwest Surgical Associates is providing the applications below as a resource only. SWSA is not an intermediary of these programs. All of the above applications should be returned to the address listed on the application, not to SWSA. It is the patient’s responsiblitiy to follow-up with any application submitted. Contact our business office for more information.